Changing lives: bionics and technology – science fiction becomes science fact

Many will have already seen the remarkable LinkedIn clip of Tilly Lockey who lost both arms as a baby. Her incredible journey with UK-based company Open Bionics was, until recently, quite simply the stuff of science fiction. Today pioneering partnerships between medical science and technology offer severely injured or disabled people the chance to lead […]

City law firm launches online internship to boost social mobility

One of the key factors hindering people from entering the legal profession, especially from less privileged backgrounds, is the difficulty in gaining that all important work experience. In a bid to increase social mobility, ‘Magic Circle’ firm, Linklaters has launched a new digital platform enabling anyone to gain a valuable window into a day in […]

Remembering Niki Lauda: a true champion with an iron will

Analogies are often made between sport and business. It can be argued that successful sports people have much in common with leading professionals or captains of industry. Hard work, motivation, the ability evaluate successes and failures, coupled with a certain single mindedness, are traits found in commerce as well as within top athletes. Being an […]

Out of the ashes of audit: Law and the ‘Big Four’

Yesterday the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)launched a public consultation into the quality and effectiveness of audit. The consultation, led by Sir Donald Brydon, is the next step in a process which has the potential to significantly overhaul the industry. But could this heightened scrutiny of the ‘Big Four’ and their traditional strangle […]

Intellectual Property – a brave new digital world

A generation ago intellectual property lawyers had it easy! Video games were in their infancy, the internet was barely taking its first halting steps and streaming was something you did when suffering a severe dose of man flu. How times have changed. As if the topsy-turvy political roller coaster was not enough, developments in technology […]

Former DPP Alison Saunders settles in at ‘magic circle’​ firm

One of the more interesting pieces of recruitment in the legal job market was the hiring of Alison Saunders by ‘magic circle’ firm Linklaters. The former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) was no stranger to the headlines presiding over a tricky five-year period at the head of the Crown Prosecution Service. She has now secured […]

Too much advice is worse than none at all?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! What to do next, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it? These questions could apply to any decision-making process but for sake of relevance I will consider the prospect of a new career. At some point in time most of us will have the need or are […]

Ada Lovelace – the mother of the modern technological age

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the vast achievements of women in all spheres of life and to take stock of where we are as we strive to achieve true fairness and gender parity. These days, the list of successful women on whose experiences and successes we can draw is endless, whether it’s […]

A change is as good as a rest – the power of the sabbatical

Earlier this week, ‘Magic Circle’ firm Clifford Chance announced the details of its two-month sabbatical programme. This initiative will be offered, for the time being, to a comparatively select group of lawyers within the firm. However, the fact that the global legal giant is offering a detailed policy at all, represents a significant shift and […]